Ardbeg Still Young Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

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It is with considerable excitement that we’re able to offer the last parcel available of the ‘Still Young’ 8 year old release. Before you recoil at the age statement, we should point out that 8 years was seen as the peak maturity for Scotch whisky up until the 1960s. In his 2009 Whisky Bible on Ardbeg Still Young, Jim Murray writes ‘…a couple of generations back – maybe even less – this would not have been so much ‘Still Young’ as ‘Getting on a Bit.’ This is a very good natural age for an Ardbeg as the oak is making a speech but refuses to let it go on too long. Stylish – as one might expect. And, in my books, should be a regular feature. Go on. Be proud say it: Ardbeg Aged 8 Years. Get away from the marketing straight jacket of old age.’ (93 points)


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