Michters 20 Year Single Barrel Bourbon 700mL 57.1% ABV (Boxed)

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Michters 20 Year Single Barrel Bourbon 700mL 57.1% ABV

America’s first whiskey distilling company, Michter’s rich history dates back to 1753 when a farmer in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania distilled his first batch of whiskey from hardy rye. Since then, Michter’s has been determined to create only the finest spirits and has since set the standard for high quality, limited production whiskeys. Michters 20 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon was distilled from a proprietary mashbill that is primarily corn-based, then matured to perfection for 20 years in hand selected charred new American white oak barrels. This exceptionally flavorful whiskey then undergoes Michter’s signature filtration process, imparting unrivaled smoothness without compromising complexity.
Michters 20 Year Tasting Notes & Awards
“Again this is just everything we look for in a bourbon. We’d be pretty shocked if this wasn’t Stitzel-Weller. It’s just got that huge bourbon-ness that made Pappy famous. From the Old Fitzgerald that Pappy distilled back in his day, to the greatest of the pre-Buffalo Trace Van Winkles, this is what bourbon is all about.” “Whoa now! Hold the phone. This is the bomb! Huge buttery brown sugar bourbon explosion. Like melted chocolate bars floating in vanilla extract topped with fresh whipped cream. Forgive our french, but this shit just makes you want to dive in and swim around in the glass for a few hours.” “The Michter’s 20 Year Old is characterized by intense notes of black cherry, rich molasses, honeysuckle, roasted pecans, and toasted charred oak.”
Nose: Simply put, a monster of a nose. Hugely sweet, with a sugary creme brûlée, a dark plummy fruitiness with a slight lemon furniture polish. A gentle, intermittent cocoa and tobacco show as well. Fantastic.
Sip: The texture is viscous, but not notably oily. Dark caramel chews, fudge and warm honey with some dark berries/plum in the middle. The oak is peppery, with a lengthy clove and leather that is reminiscent of the 27 year Parker’s Heritage. The citrus from the nose is gone, but the dark fruits hit like a rich cognac.
Finish: Long, full of brown sugar, vanilla and the sharp bite of white pepper and smoldering wood.”


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