NED Australian Whisky 700ml – Batch #1


NED Australian Whisky 700ml – Batch #1

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This limited first batch of NED Australian Whisky was distilled from select Australian grain and matured until it had a boldness and character that befitted its name.


If you’re into Aromas, Flavours and Finishes, here’s the info. But if you just want the basics, all you need to know is that NED is an easy-drinking, great-tasting Australian Whisky that has been crafted specifically for local dark spirits drinkers.

  • Aroma Coconut and vanilla with hints of stone and dry fruit. Moves into the rich grain with hints of chocolate, then dry at the end.
  • Flavour Sweet oak moving into spicy grains, with a hint of dried fruit. Then mocha and oak, with vanilla and dry coconut.
  • Finish The finish is spicy and clean heat, smooth but powerful. Long after flavour of sweet oak and dark chocolate.


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